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Ramsi my name, my Prophet and Messenger of God, my King, my head of all the prophets and messengers of God, I convey the Scriptures Lawh Mahfuz to the entire Universe to be read by a human. do not hesitate to send anyone your sincere and issue a zakat, wakap, donation to the Scriptures Lawh Mahfuz, send to Ramsi.Allah will launch a sustenance for you and multiply the reward for you, and fulfill your hunger, and grant your future goals, and grant your desires, and provide a mate for you, and cure your disease, and facilitate your affairs in the world, and have mercy on your sin, and for the hereafter you will be entered into Heaven Paradise without being brought to account, for you whose hearts are taking seriously sincere to Allah. see http://kitabsucilauhulmahfuzh1.blogspot.com sites, search on the internet and see Ramsi profile, by clicking the URI: bitcoin: http://ramsi1794.bitcoinwallet.com, Address: 189DrKa1YEBPmsF4UuHBN6Es8huVjkegnx

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